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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lady Bug Rings

These are one of the sweetest rings. I make these with sterling silver wire and a glass ladybug bead. I can make you one in any size you need. Just visit my o-line shop at to order one.

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Heidi AKA Snowrose said...

Hi Mary!

Just saw your comment you left on my blog. You're so sweet! I needed that! It gave me confidence which is something I really have to work on and that will be a lifetime thing! Thank you so very much for your kind words and your thoughtfulness! It means so much that you will visit my blog often just as I of course will visit yours! Smile. I want you to know I cannot see a single word you have on your blog... there's the very new message and then another one underneath it... the text is all in Dark Navy Blue against a dark brown background. The only way I can read it is if I highlight the text. Also, the area in the center you have a long strip in the center... the words cut off at the edge of the center and I can't read what it says. It's cut off and not wrapped around so you can read it continuously. I have no earthly clue why that is. I'm real new to all of this and find it challenging and yet at the same time out of my comfort zone but I'm patiently learning and holding my breath hoping nothing goes wrong when I do something new. But all in all, it's all fun when everything comes up aces. Smile.
Your rings are real cute! I'm so glad they are selling as well as they are! They are ladybugs so with that in mind, you're in luck! Smile! May you continue to to prosper in all your endeavors!

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